South business-APRIL 2023

South business-APRIL 2023



NO FOOLING! Save your kids. I have often heard and I totally agree that our greatest resource is our children. I believe 99.9% of the entire World- all countries,  all religions believe their most presious asset is the "Next Generation."  I hold one exception and that is Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.

So, if you hold true to the above remarks, why does this country offer very little safety for our kids? Why is there time and time again, shootings at elementary,high schools and colleges across the United States? 
These tragic events are not just a Southern problem. Althought, the South has had many and yes -"One school shooting is too many."

Not just school shootings are at issue. To my knowlegde some states don't require seats belts on school buses. "WHAT"
According to Greyhound's website "All of our buses have three-point safety belts." further, Greyhound has equiped most of it fleet :They have both shoulder and lap harnesses and you can use them with standard car child seats. As I have done my research on Greyhound, Greyhound has my VOTE for Southern Business's Company Of The Year 2023. Please email us your nomination for the annual award. 

Way to many times and I'm sick of the excuses from Goverment officials " It is to expensive to have seat belts on school buses." We don't have the money to hire more police to monitor our schools." AND the worst ever, "It's to expensive to place scanners at school doors." BullS.....!
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I had a college professor who "learnt" me, as we say in the South - "Why ever bring up a problem unless you have a solution to offer?"
So, in an effort to honor the late Tony Spiva, PhD University of Tennessee, Professor - I would like to offer up my solution.

As I travel the south and beyound, I constantly see TV commercials and road side bill boads bragging about how much money that particular state has raised from lottory tickets. Most state I've seen have raised  millions of dollars each year. That is a Good thing. 

SOLUTION: Each state mandate that  
"10% of annual lottery revenue must be spent on safty equipment, personal, and training."
No need to raise taxes, the money is already there.                  
SouthernBusiness readers, I ask you to contact your state Governor, Congressperson, and Senators. Write, Email, and Call the representivies in your state. PEACEFULLYMARCH on the door steps with signage to make kids safe, NOW. Please Email me and I will help you contact your state representative.

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